Poker Game

Within the casino games of greater popularity and position the Poker has been made with a very special place and is recognized by its high level of difficulty as well as by its excellent prizes. You want to be part of this exciting game.

If so, it is essential that you first know various aspects about it, such as its rules, its different versions, history as well as the online gaming options that can be found today.

The poker game is one of the most recognized casino games in the world. Its fame is so great that championships and events that revolve around it are often held. But, of the different variations of the game that can be found, the one of greatest recognition is without a doubt the one of Texas Poker Holdem. This game, in theory, is very simple, but it is when you put it into practice that you can see the great complexity it presents.

In fact, the player who wants to be part of it not only has to learn the rules of the game but has to master a lot of factors. The Texas Holdem mode is predominant in most casinos, both physical and online, but this does not mean that there are no other modes in which you can participate.

These are poker with Common Cards, Caribbean poker and Draw:

  • In the case of poker with common cards it presents us with two options that are very practiced and in which the players, as the name of the category tells us, share the cards, that is to say they make use of 5 common cards.
  • The first modality is the Texas Hold’em, which we have already said is the most popular, but on the other hand we also find the Omaha, which is a variation of the Texas and therefore is very similar to it. In this case the main difference lies in that instead of presenting 2 cards covered are 4 that are covered. Also, in this mode the player is forced to use 2 of the cards that are covered and 3 of the common to complete his hand of 5 cards.

Betting dynamics and action options you see that it develops in the same way as Texas Holdem Poker:

  • Now, we need to talk about Stud poker modalities. These are presented with less frequency and it is that the community cards are not handled. Thus, each player will have his series of cards, both the uncovered ones and the covered ones.
  • It is necessary for you to be clear that in these modalities the position of the player does not influence as it does in the previous ones.
  • Seven-card stud was already several years ago the most recognized modality in American casinos, but lost its position when the Texas version arrived. In this game, which allows from 2 to 8 players, a lot of cards are handled. To begin with, 3 cards are dealt, 2 of them uncovered.

Then, the bets are started which are initiated by the player with the best move. In case there are two equal combinations, the player who is closest to the dealer must start the bet, following the clockwise direction. This game allows different types of betting to be played, such as bring-in, which forces the player with the lowest card to bet a minimum.

Note that the game requires all players who have reached the last round to have a total of 7 cards, of which 3 are covered and 4 are uncovered:

  • Five-card stud: it was very well known, but today it is not easily found. In any case, it is worth getting to know her and knowing that she is dealt 2 cards at the beginning, the first one covered and the second one not. In total there are 4 betting rounds. Then, another 3 uncovered cards are dealt, with bets being made between each deal. In this game the bets are started by the player with the best combination.
  • Draw Poker: although Texas Holdem is the most popular modality, we cannot stress enough that this is the traditional modality of the game. In it, 5 cards are covered, a discard stage is carried out and a total of 2 betting rounds.

Now, although it is the traditional mode is not played very often, although this does not mean that it is not easily achieved especially in online casinos. Although it is rarely used.

Since you have known these different modalities of the game it is necessary that we continue and talk about other details of poker that are very important.

For example, we must talk about the limits managed in this game. Thus, as different poker modalities are handled, different limits are also handled for each one of them. In the case of Texas Holdem the most played option is No Limit.But, since it is not the only one it is necessary that you know the other types of limits and what they represent.

This way you have to know:

  • The game No limit (NL) gives the player the opportunity to bet everything thanks to the All In.
  • This is only possible in NL games as in limit matches it is not possible. An example of this are games with Fixed Limit or Pot Limit that manage a fixed limit or a limit in the pot respectively.
  • Also, there are games that are presented Limit or with limit.

Each one of these limits presents some peculiarities that must be known as well as some advantages that cannot be ignored.

We will see how to play Limit (with limit) and Pot Limit (limit in the pot), their advantages, peculiarities and other secrets.

Known briefly this detail is the time to talk about a very important subject within the game of poker and is the game strategies. Many players at the beginning look tirelessly for strategies to help them win. Knowing how to develop the game and knowing how to control its pressure are two aspects that can help you a lot.

To be able to do it and perfect your game there are different strategies that you should know and use, but without forgetting that your mastery of the game, your emotions and your experience is what will make you a better player.

Considering the above, if you really want to be a good poker player it is essential that you know and work on mastering certain factors. Within them is the aggressiveness and reading of the table, your position as well as the management of your Bankroll. Mastering this together with a varied game will help you have better results.