How to recognise and avoid illegal sports betting operators

What is the entity that controls legal bookmakers?

The ADM is one of the three state tax agencies carries out the technical-operational activities previously under the competence of the Ministry of Finance. In particular, it manages the customs system and supervises the Monopolies, such as that of public gaming.

As far as the latter is concerned, the ADM constantly monitors the fulfilments of the various concessionaires and, above all, has the task of reporting and warning users of illegal bookmakers.

Why bet on an authorized ADM bookmaker

Placing your bets on an authorized site is first and foremost a legal obligation, but at the same time it is an opportunity to protect yourself from fraud, identity theft and misuse of sensitive data. On Marathonbet’s blog, you’ll find a guide that contains a number of tips on why to bet on an authorized ADM bookmaker.

In recent years, in fact, there have always been several scams in the betting industry and reported online by bettors. That’s why it’s important – both legally and economically – to know how to recognize and avoid illegal sports betting operators.

How to avoid illegal betting operators

The first thing to do is simple and involves verifying that at the top or bottom of each page of the online betting platforms recognized, authorized and controlled by the State, there is the logo of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, a blue and white writing that stands out on a stylized and surrounded by yellow stars.

All bookmakers authorized to operate on territory receive a special license issued by the two control bodies. Together with the logos of ADM and AAMS, the companies indicate on their website the concession number and all the company data (address of the head office and tax code/vat number) for greater transparency.

There may be exceptions, however, so much so that it may happen to catch an ADM authorized bookmaker, which does not present either the appropriate logos and even the license number, usually indicated on the platform. But precisely, these are exceptions that confirm the rule.

A bookmaker is legal if it ends with “.it”! Yes yes, we can talk about a practical rule: if the bookmaker you are playing on ends up in. On the contrary, if the bookmaker’s domain on which you are playing should end up in “.com”, for example, then there is a high risk that this will be illegal. Therefore, bookmakers authorized by ADM end in “.it”. In any case, for the most suspicious, we recommend that you check directly on the register kept by ADM on its site.

For maximum certainty on the legality of the platform, just connect to the website of the Customs and Monopolies Agencies and check the appropriate list, it lists all the companies recognized and monitored.

If you do not want to trust what a bookmaker communicates on its own platform, a short search on the website of the same Customs and Monopolies Agency is sufficient. In the event that the name of the bookmaker does not appear on the ADM register, we absolutely advise against depositing money on the same, since these illegal platforms very often have the sole intent to cheat.

The differences between a legal and an illegal bookmaker

The question is legitimate, what changes concretely from one to another? Wouldn’t it be better to play on a bookmaker where the odds are even higher, even if illegal? Here is the deception: a bookmaker not authorized by ADM can afford to increase the odds because he does not pay taxes.

A player who wins on an illegal bookmaker is therefore required to pay them instead of the bookmaker itself. In practice, winnings with unauthorized ADM bookmakers are not already taxed.

Surprises and pitfalls of unauthorised ADM bookmakers

For example, if a player wins on a bookmaker authorized by ADM, he is not required to declare anything in the Income Statement, as his winnings are already taxed. Conversely, if such a player wins on an illegal bookmaker, they will be required to declare their winnings in the Income Statement under “Other Revenue”, otherwise they may incur onerous administrative penalties. At this point, the question is, is it really worth it?

Not to mention the strange spells that dealers not authorized by the ADM could operate in your gaming account, where, among other things, your money is deposited. There are a lot of forums on the network where users report ghost withdrawals to their account, or even complain about the disappearance of the same gaming account.

This happens because an illegal bookmaker is not supervised or controlled, so the dealer can afford to do the good and bad weather. With your money!

An illegal bookmaker, because it is not regulated and not controlled, could push the player to go further, beyond both the game and the simple fun. “The game is beautiful when it’s short”, this ancient Italian proverb can also be used for betting.