Sports betting is a vast world, which includes many things to know. In this guide, therefore, we want to examine the types of bets that you can place on football and other sports; we will also examine the main predictions that can be played. Especially for those who are new to the world of betting, a term with which they often hear called betting, it is a useful guide to make it clear.

What are sports betting?

It may seem obvious, but we feel right to start with the basics. Sports betting allows you to make predictions about the outcome of a certain event, creating odds for every possible outcome.

The bettor makes a bet that may or may not be correct: if it is, the bettor will make a win in proportion to the odds; if the bet turns out to be a loser, however, the bettor will lose the amount of his bet. This is the simplest form of betting: over time this world has evolved to offer different solutions, but the basic concept always remains.

Each bet assumes that on the other hand there is someone to be the bench, or to accept the bet by committing to pay the win if the outcome proves to be correct. Our goal, like that of other bookmakers, is not to bet against you: it is to correlate your bets and those opposite, made by other bettors.

How to bet on sport

Bets are available to all those who have reached the age of majority (18 years). To play your bets on football, tennis, basketball or any other sport, simply register.

The deposit allows you to have funds added to your account, so you can bet from time to time without having to make a single payment for each bet. Each time you place a bet, the amount is subtracted from your balance; if the outcome is winning, we will then refund you the amount plus the amount you won.

The sports you can bet on and all the types of bets you can place. In the following paragraphs we will go into more detail on this aspect. In any case, just click on any odds to create a bet. You will see a mirror in which you will be asked to select the amount you prefer, after which you can confirm or continue to modify your card. This is also a term in betting jargon that is used as a synonym for betting.

As is normal, from the moment each sport has its own rules and mechanisms of operation, different outcomes are associated with each one. Almost always there is the possibility of betting on the winner of individual events, but other types of predictions may vary.

In addition to single events, such as matches, there is also the possibility of betting on competition results. The most typical bets of this type are those on the team that will win the World Cup, or those on the top scorer of a certain championship. These types of bets are also called antepost bets.

In addition, in some seasons of the year or at particular times we can activate new sports. During the Olympics, for example, disciplines that are normally not available on the platform become so.

Types of bets

Now that we have made a general picture of sports betting we can talk more specifically about the different types of bets that can be placed. We’re not talking about possible outcomes, which we’ll look at later, but how you can build your own card so you can play one or more events at the same time. We will also look at other distinctions.

Pre-match and live

First of all, there is the possibility to bet on events that have yet to begin (pre-match) as well as on current events (live). The only difference is, in fact, in the current phase of sports competition: beyond the fact that it has or has not already begun, there are no differences.

The only practical difference is in the oscillation of the odds. Before the match, depending on the volume of bets that we record on each individual outcome, it is possible that the odds move but still not quickly.

During a sporting event, however, we are forced to constantly review them because the chances of each outcome vary with the passage of time and with the results that are occurring. This means that when you bet live, you should think more quickly about whether or not to play a certain bet; from the moment the odds can be updated in seconds, an indecision can frustrate an opportunity.

Bonus Bets

In some cases, we may notify you of sporting events on which there are special bonuses, such as reimbursement in the event of an unfavourable outcome. These are initiatives that we promulgate to thank our gamblers for being with us. To stay up to date on all bets with pending bonuses, you just need to log in to the platform once a day and take a look at the news we offer.

There are various types of bonus bets: higher odds, refunds in the event of an unfavourable outcome, refunds in the event that the unfavourable outcome is due to a certain event, or other forms of bonus obtained by combining several events.

Single or Multiple

Bets can only contain one or more outcomes. In the first case, they are defined as single bets and represent the most classic form of betting in which a single event is included in the slip: if the forecast is correct, the win is equal to the amount played multiplied by the price of the event considered.

Alternatively, it is possible to play more than one event in the same card, thus creating a multiple. Again, when you complete the event selection you can choose the desired amount for your bet. What changes is the calculation of the odds: selecting more events, the total odds are given by the multiplication of the odds of the individual events.

But we need to clarify one thing: how do we win a multiple bet? In order for the card to be considered a winner, it is necessary that all three events on which you bet achieve the desired outcome. A single unfulfilled prediction makes the multiple loser as a whole.

Some terms that are commonly used in the world of betting:

  • Double: a multiple bet on two events
  • Triple: a multiple bet on three events
  • Liston: commonly said to be a multiple containing many events
  • Doubling: a bet, single or multiple, which provides a total odds of 2.00 or very close to this value

Sports betting

Initially, sports betting was created with the intention of being able to bet on the winner of a certain competition: since then, however, the greater interest in the subject and the help of technology for managing odds have allowed bookmakers to diversify the offer.