When you start betting online you become familiar with words like welcome bonus, combined, handicap, etc. But it will be soon after when you hear about freebets or free bets, maybe even at the beginning. If you haven’t registered with any bookmaker yet I’m sure you’ll assume that a freebet is what its own name indicates. Free money to gamble, but it’s not that way at all.

What are freebets or free bets?

To begin with we base ourselves on the simple definition that it should be a free bet. Free, according to the RAE it is: no cost, it is! It doesn’t have any cost but it has conditions. Disadvantage, therefore, with respect to if it was a real balance in our account. The most important of all is that you do not receive the full amount of your bet made with the balance of a freebet.

Because the balance of freebet used is deducted from the total received if you get our bet right. Therefore, freebets are bets made with fictitious money that allow us to make a profit in real money, the winnings will be the gross profit but we will have to subtract the amount of the freebet.

What conditions do freebets usually have?

The main drawback is that it is a fictitious balance that until we do not use belongs to the bookmaker. But freebets, as a commercial product, have some drawbacks:

  • Expiration or maximum time: all freebets have an expiration date! It means that we have between a few hours to days to use them, depending on each bookie. This means that we must read the terms and conditions of each promotion carefully to know for sure how long they will be active in our account. If they expire, we will have finally lost the possibility of using them. Sometimes the expiration time can be less than 24 hours because we give it to bet on the live or live of a particular match of the same day. But on average they are usually 7 days.
  • They cannot be paid in advance: when you make a sports bet with a freebet balance, that bet cannot be paid in advance or cash out. It doesn’t matter if the house offers this option, your bet will appear with this feature suspended at all times.
  • Most of them cannot be split: if you are offered, for example, a free bet of 10 euros, the amount can only be played once. Therefore you can not make two bets of 5€ with it, you will have to complete the coupon with the total amount (10€). It is possible that sometime there may be an exception but the general rule is that it cannot be split.
  • Minimum fee: Lately, it is common to see that some bookmakers set a minimum fee in order to release it.

When do I get this promotion?

From the very moment we claim a welcome bonus or first deposit bonus we are in part accepting freebets or free bets and is that even in some of them are included in their conditions as we would be talking about a bonus with freebets What does it mean? You receive an extra amount of balance with your bonus.

But this does not behave the same as the real money part but it will be under the conditions exposed for freebets. This type of bonds composed by freebets tend to be from houses that currently offer mixed or double release bonds.

How and where can I see the balance of my freebets?

When you receive a freebet it is not normally assigned as your account balance. To see how many free bets or freebets we have available. Once we log into our account, we need to fill out our betting coupon with the desired bets.

There are two trends in this regard. But personally, Franco Sudbury prefer to use it more aggressively. The first formula is taken by some bookmakers, where they try to convert it into a real balance. In order to do this, they make a selection of forecasts at fairly safe odds, always respecting the minimum odds.

In spite of the fact that once it has been paid, the amount has to be subtracted and the profit is not high, the balance will already be ours and therefore it will be able to be used freely with the possibility of withdrawal.